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"Earth and Space" at Your School - Astronomy to Go

"Earth and Space" at Your School - Astronomy to Go

Although the modules we present are similar to those we run in the Island Planetarium, they are modified to suit presentation in your school. We have evaluation and other material for school visits and the longer period we are with you will improve the understanding and enjoyment of your pupils. Please choose from the following topics those you would like us to present, then together we can agree a format and timetable for the day:


Modules A, B, C, D are the standard for SPACEDAY©. Modules E will replace module D.



On the tellurium
This popular topic explains clearly why the length of day changes throughout the year. Why the height of the sun in the sky changes and why we get different seasons as the earth orbits the sun, spinning on its tilted axis.

Moon Phases & Eclipses

As the moon orbits the earth, one side is lit by the sun and one side is in darkness. This module explains why, to an observer on earth we see the Moon change shape. As the moon goes around the earth on its inclined orbit, sometimes it covers exactly the disc of the sun and why sometimes the earth's shadow makes the moon go an orange colour.

Tour of the Planets

Planetarium video
Tour the solar system with a close up view of each planet. We look at sizes, distances, how they orbit the sun and the major differences between each planet.

Our Earth in Space

Why do the patterns of stars change the way they do throughout the year? Find some of the most prominent constellations in the sky, learn how to find the pole star, find a compass in the sky. Discover the stars which never set and why it seems as if the stars turn around the Earth.

Constellation origins/Greek Myths

Learn about why we see the patterns of stars that we do. Who thought of them and what do they show? Your astronomer will guide you through the constellations, weaving tales of heroes and villains, monsters and magic.


For SPACEDAY© to run smoothly and to your satisfaction, we need a teacher contact to agree all arrangements prior to our visit. This teacher must have the authority to make commitments of the hall, classrooms and support staff and be present and assist us on the day. The number of support staff needed will depend upon how many pupils are participating in the day but it will be a minimum of one person for each class. Between the main presentations, there are video sequences, quizzes, tests and interactive games and puzzles for the pupils, which are supervised by your staff.


Call us for a quote. 01983 761555.

Additional Shows

We can also run shows for the parents in the evening lasting about 25 minutes, this will cost extra and depend on other bookings we may have. Ask us for more details.
You can view the shows we offer for parents on our Island Planetarium website - Click Here


For prices and availability please call us on 01983 761555 or email bookings@firstlight-astronomy.co.uk.

Space Requirements

The dome fits into a hall or gymnasium which is at least 7m by 7m across and 4m clear height. As a guide, if the hall is less than 11m by 7m it is necessary to have at least two other classrooms in which our astronomers can undertake work with models, video and use the tellurium.

Other requirements

Unloading - As some of our equipment is heavy we like to get our vechile as closes to the hall as possible to help with unloading when we arrive.

Setting up - We need around 1 hour to unload and setup the Planetarium and other displays. We also need access to a socket in the Hall and a couple on the classroom, a projector in the classroom where possible would be useful.

Lunchtime - Where possible we would like to try and keep the hall empty for the whole day, but we are know that this is not always possible because of the lunch. Please let us know if we need to move the dome during this time, so we can factor it into the timetable as this takes about 10/15 minutes to take down the dome and another 10/15 minutes to setup again.

Call us on 01983 761555 or email bookings@firstlight-astronomy.co.uk for more details and/or to book.