"Little Gem"

"Let's be clear: the Greenwich Royal Observatory (where our family loves to visit) this ain't. But what a treat to find a planetarium in tiny Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight. Before you go in there's a small shop selling cool space stuff and a small space display too. The young man who looked after us in the planetarium was very friendly and polite and he obviously enjoyed his work. We watched 'Cell, Cell, Cell', all about our bodies which was fascinating though I must admit my brain hurt by the end!! It's tiny, seating just 25 people and the seats don't recline but the very reasonable entry price reflects this. We paid £9 for our family of 4 - £5 for a combined adult / child ticket, £4 for a further adult ticket and nothing for our 3 year old. Having decided not to stop at Alum Bay having been put off by the expense, (£4 parking charge, £16 for the chair lift etc!!), we were very glad we opted for this instead."

Visited April 2014 - Laura R

"Small but worth low entry price."

"Fort Victoria always had a bit of bad reputation as being run down but I am happy to see it restored to near its former glory.
The Planetarium is very small but at £4 for adults and less for children you will have paid a lot more for a lot less. There is a small shop selling space related items mostly for kids and educational but they also have hand made jewellery and telescopes for starters to more experienced people. The staff are very friendly. Shows this time of year (August) are every 45mins from 1030 but there is a full timetable on their website and a chance to book and save 20%. They have different shows at different times so it is worth checking our their website if you want to see a certain show.

Before going into the planetarium there is a very small exhibition but a lot is packed in to a small space. Some of these are interactive such as seeing the different speeds planets orbit the earth and computers with educational space related software.

The planetarium is quite small and the seats a bit creaky but the show is approx 20mins long and very high quality. The sound system could do with a bit of an improvement but the commentary very clear despite this.

Access wise there are a couple steps down to the museum bit and then another two or three down to the planetarium. I am pretty sure if you were in a wheelchair you could access via the fire escape but I am not sure. Despite being disabled I managed the few stairs with no problems as there was a rail.

Overall it is a bit small and a bit rough round the edges but for the very low entry price it is worth while. The show we saw Welcome To The Universe we found very interesting but to young children or children without a big interest in space they might struggle to keep interested.

Fort Victoria also has an Aquarium, model railway and shipwreck exhibit. It has free parking and public toilets. There also has a cafe serving hot food. The best attraction though is to go on the sea side and you have a great view of the mainland and a busy maritime area.

Visited August 2013

"Enjoyed the Show"

"We visited the Island Planetarium on Friday April 5th and it was the last day of our holiday.

The entry price is worth paying for the show alone - granted there is little else there anyway!

The small room containing the telescopes and space paraphernalia was interesting enough, but very small. Our daughter had fun clicking around on the computer while waiting for the show to start.

We all really enjoyed the 'We Are Aliens' show - it was my partner's first planetarium experience and made him want to visit a bigger one. The show itself, narrated by Rupert Grint, was interesting and the effects were great."

Visited April 2013