Welcome to the Island Planetarium


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Here and on Planetarium, we'll post virtual planetarium activities for you to enjoy. It is likely to be 2021 before we can welcome you to the Island Planetarium again. 

We shall have web-based offerings until then, many of them free for you. Sorry that we cannot open to welcome you.

Here is a FREE show to watch at home, it is 

The Secret Life of Stars”

Evans and Sutherland,  a major planetarium provider, has released links to some of their planetarium shows, as flat-screen videos to planetaria around the world. We may not be able to go to planetaria but we can enjoy shows on our TV's or laptops.

Email me on for the link; then Google Vimeo for the player, sign up and enter the link I send.

Please send me a short review and I'll send you links to other shows. Don't pass the link to friends, ask them to contact me for them to enjoy it.

Please do not pass the link onto your friends, please ask them to request it from me, also please send me a very short review of what you thinkand I send a link to other shows .

West Wight Stargazing Group

Next virtual club evening 22nd April as an online club.

We shall be using Zoom meetings, a monthly newsletter, emails, and news flashes to help you get out alone or in your 'bubble' on clear nights to observe both with the naked eye or with a scope.

It will be very much learning as we go along.  I am planning a NASA astrophoto course for later in the year using your smartphone.

 We'll meet with Zoom sessions using an email that I send you to link in. If you are not using Zoom now, it is easy, free and secure, using your existing broadband on a computer with a camera and sound. I shall run help sessions, just ask if you want it! 

If you wish to take part, respond using our email contact on this website or email me at and I'll send a detailed newsletter and how to join in.