Welcome to the Island Planetarium


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What do we have to offer?

The Island Planetarium offers a fascinating journey through time & space; stimulating your imagination & mind, in our Astrodome theatre & exhibition.

This man-made Universe will take you places you have never been before, from the surface of the Moon to the depth of outer space in our immersive ASTRODOME 360 STAR-THEATRE.

Make sure you leave time to explore the various space-science displays and exhibition dedicated the great scientist/inventor Robert Hooke, born in Freshwater in 1635.

Dark Sky Discovery Site

Fort Victoria Country Park is a Dark Sky Discovery Site.

Stargazing at the Planetarium

At the Island Planetarium we offer various evening and weekend stargazing courses.

What else is at Fort Victoria?

The Planetarium is located at Fort Victoria Country Park which has several attractions, cafe, woodland/beach walks.


West Wight Stargazing Group

Join the club! Come stargazing with us and enjoy FREE entry to our planetarium shows

There are many benefits for members

  • Free entry to all regular planetarium shows when you bring a friend and 25% discount for friends coming with you.
  • 25% off all our events courses, monthly star guide and activities
  • There is 10% discount on most purchases in our shop.
  • Help with setting up your telescope and tech workshops.

We meet every 3rd Thursday of the month from September until March, also summer events and barbecues.

It is ideal for everyone; from ‘eight to eighty five’ and families wanting to find out more about stargazing using our telescopes, finding your way around the night sky and basic astrophotography and much more.

There will be a talk at every club meeting about stargazing and getting more from it including our 'Monthly Sky Guide', but NOT astrophysics and advanced astronomy. It is about enjoying the wonderful skies we have on the Isle of Wight.

We use Facebook to arrange stargazing on clear nights near to the New Moon.

All club activities are decided by members Annual membership is £10 adult, £15 for couples/partners includes (children up to 16)also Juniors/Students (16 to 24) - £5

Next Meeting

Thursday 22nd Feb at 7.30pm

Topic :- How the Moon Affects Us!

£3.00 per evening


For more details or to sign up for the newsletter please Click Here or email us on or call 01983 761555.

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